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Automatic Submersible Pump


1. Multi-stage PPO impellers, no rust.
2. Integrating pressure switch and non-return valve, easy to installation.
3. Low noise, Long life.


1. No water protection.
2. Automatically restart after water shortage.
3. Automatically stop when the pump reaches the maximum pressure.
4. Automatically restart when the pressure of outlet is low than 1.3-1.6bar.

Working Conditions

Liquid temperature:0~+40℃
Maximum particle diameter: 1mm
Max.immersion depth: 12m

Model Power(W) Max.head(m) Max.flow(m3/h) Discharge Starting Level(mm) Stopping Level(mm)
Q800A 800 35 6.0 G1" 60 50
Q1000A 1000 45 6.0 G1" 60 50

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