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Permanent Magnet Constant Pressure Water Supply System

1.The system uses rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, Ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra-low power consumption.

2.Low to 1W standby power design, so that the energy-saving technology can be fully presented

3. Adopt the world's most cutting-edge motor non-inductive driving technology to fully realized zero maintenance of motor system.

4. Fully comply with the high design standards and manufacturing requirements for product safety and environmental protection in the European Union and the United States.

5. The impeller adopts enhanced PPO, with copper insert structure to make it more rugged and durable.

6. The rotor shaft adopts stainless steel welding technology to ensure that the wet-end never rust.

7. The integrated pressure tank core diaphragm uses IIR material to improve the gas tightness.

8. The human-computer interface of the digital display and the most easily operated fool-type design, enable the system to communicate with users without obstacles.

9. Adopt the pressure sensors of world-class brands to improve the reliability of the system.

10. The system is integrated with reverse stop valve structure, so that the internal pressure can be persisted under the condition of non-water use in the pipe network system.

11. Constant pressure control system specially designed for the family, which is fully realized the constant water pressure so that users have the perfect water using experience.

Model Power(kW) Max.flow(m3/h) Max.head(m) Number of Impeller Inlet/Outlet
APM202 0.55 4.8 32 2 1"×1"
APM203 0.75 4.8 50 3 1"×1"

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